Dear Agony Ant,

As a mimic octopus, I’ve come to excel at mimicking other species, which has gotten me out of many a bind. I love exploring the shapes, sizes and colours and lose myself a little in the disguise. The only problem is as I increasingly spend time mimicking these other creatures, I am starting to question who I am. Am I slimy and devious like the sea snake, flamboyant like the lionfish or demure like the flatfish? Or something completely different?  What does it truly mean to be a mimic?


Mimic Octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus

Dear Octopuzzled,

I have recently been conversing with an orchid mantis, who had spent so much time mimicking orchids he planted himself and had forgotten how to get back up again.  Through some physical and psychological therapy, he returned to his true mantis identity. But that was an extreme case.  For most, exploring alternate realities can give you a release to try out different versions of yourself, so have fun with it.  But it is important to ground yourself in a strong understanding of who you are. Consider who and what you value most in life and try and spend the remainder of your time on those activities. But if you do find yourself slithering and writhing in your sleep, perhaps the life of a sea snake is for you.

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